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The offer and the sale of products made on the website (hereinafter "Site") are governed by these General Sales Conditions.
For any other legal information, see the sections: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use.
Before submitting your purchase order, Customer is required to read carefully these general sales conditions as well as to accept them in full.
The forwarding of the purchase order implies the full knowledge and express acceptance of both the general conditions of sale mentioned above and those indicated in the Order Form.
After completing the online shopping procedure, Customer is required to print and retain these general sales conditions and the relevant order form, which have already been viewed and accepted.


  1. The consultation and navigation of this website provides the user with the status of user.
  2. The user is not required to register for browsing the site, unless he intends to purchase the products distributed by the company. In this case, the user is required to register in the appropriate form within the site.
  3. By registering on this website, the user confirms and accepts that the relationship between the user and the Company is governed by these conditions as well as by the general conditions of use.
  4. By purchasing one of the products on the online shop (or by clicking on the "CONCLUDE ORDER" button at the end of the purchase process), the user will automatically acquire the status of customer, confirming and accepting that the relationship between the customer and the company are regulated these conditions as well as the general conditions of use.
  5. Registration made on behalf of a company must be requested by users/customers with the necessary powers of representation of the same company. Jetprime srl is not obliged to verify that these users/customers are actually in possession of the aforementioned powers of representation and assumes no responsibility for illegal acts and/or acts committed by them.

1. Object

1.1 These General Sales Terms apply to the sale of products made online through an e-commerce service on the site (hereafter).

1.2 Products sold on the site can only be purchased and delivered in the countries indicated in the Order Form. Any orders for shipments outside these countries will automatically be rejected during the order processing process. 1.3 The products coming from Jetprime, as well as the related copyrights and any other industrial or intellectual property rights, are the exclusive property of Jetprime and/or its assignors.

1.4 The customer declares and acknowledges that the logos, symbols identifying Jetprime products and the related trademark and copyright rights are the exclusive property of Jetprime. The customer does not obtain, due to these conditions, or for any other reason, any rights in relation to these trademarks and distinctive signs.

2. Subjects

2.1 The products are sold directly from by Jetprime S.r.l. di Via Eugenio Montale, 1 41016 Novi di Modena - Fraz. Rovereto (MO) Italy, P.iva 03492390368 (from now on or Seller). For any information request, you can contact the Seller by mail at the following address: shop@jetprime.it

2.2 These General Sales Conditions govern the offer, forwarding and acceptance of product purchase orders on the site and do not, however, govern the provision of services or the sale of goods by other than Seller. Be present on the site via links, banners or other hyperlinks. Before submitting orders and purchasing products and services from other vendors, we suggest that you check their sales conditions; the company assumes no responsibility for information, content, products and services offered or provided by third parties accessible via hyperlinks on the website. The company assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, completeness, truthfulness, rules on the processing of personal data and compliance with the general conditions by third parties accessible via hyperlinks on the Jetprime and Jetprimeshop website.

2.3 Jetprime srl assumes no responsibility in relation to events that are not caused by the company itself but which prevent in whole or in part from fulfilling its obligations, including strikes and lockouts, as well as all causes of force majeure for the period of their duration. In such cases, the Company will be authorized, but not obliged, to withdraw from the service relationship, even if the assignment has already been partially performed.

2.4 At the request of the company, the user agrees to hold the Company not responsible and harmless from any liability, claims and expenses, including legal fees, resulting from the improper use of this website or from the violation of the terms and conditions indicated here. by the user/customer.

2.5 The products are sold to the customer identified by the data entered upon the compilation and sending of the order form in electronic format with the simultaneous acceptance of these General Sales Conditions.

2.6 Product offers on the site are aimed at older people. If the customer is less than 18 years old to be able to buy on the site must first have the consent of one of his or her parents or a legal guardian. By making an order through this Site, the Customer warrants to be over the age of 18 and to have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

2.7 The Customer is prohibited from entering false, and / or invented, and / or fanciful names in the online ordering procedure and further communications. The Seller reserves the right to legally pursue any breach and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.

2.8 By accepting these Terms of Sale, the Customer also exempts the Seller from any liability arising from the issue of incorrect tax documents due to data errors provided by the Customer upon entering the online order, Sole responsible for their correct insertion.

3. Sale via e-commerce service

3.1 For online sale contract means the distance contract for the sale of movable property (hereafter Products) stipulated between the Customer and, as Seller, as part of an e-commerce service organized by the Seller, for this purpose, uses the Internet-based remote communication technology.

3.2 To conclude the purchase agreement for one or more Products, the Customer must complete the order form in electronic format (from now on Order) and send it to the Seller via the Internet following the instructions.

3.3 In the Order are:
  • a referral to these General Sales Conditions, containing the terms and conditions for the return of the Products purchased and the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal by the Customer;
  • information and / or images of each Product and its price;
  • the means of payment that the Customer may use;
  • the delivery methods of the Products purchased and the related shipping and delivery costs;

3.4 Despite Jetprime S.r.l. constantly adopt measures to ensure that the photographs displayed on The site is loyal reproduction of the original products, including the adoption of any technological solution possible to minimize inaccuracies, there are always a number of possible variations due to the technical characteristics and color-matching features provided by the computer used by Part of the Customer. As a result, the Seller will not be responsible for the inadequacy of the graphic representations of products displayed on the site due to such technical reasons, since such representations are merely illustrative, and the customer declares to renounce making exceptions in this regard.

3.5 Before terminating the contract, the Customer will be required to confirm the reading of the General Sales Conditions including the Information on the Right of Withdrawal and the Processing of Personal Data.

3.6 The contract is concluded when the Seller receives the Order Form through the Internet, upon verification by the Customer of the correctness of order data. Jetprime is not responsible for any problems and/or delays in order fulfillment due to incorrect data entry by the customer.

3.7 The language available to conclude the contract with the Seller is that chosen by the Customer, however the applicable law is the Italian one. In particular, reference is made to Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 on electronic commerce and, for customers definable as "consumers", the Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code) as modified by the Legislative Decree n. 21/2014, in Articles 49 and following.

3.8 Upon termination of the contract, the Seller will assume the Customer's Order for its evasion.

4. Evasion of the Order

4.1 By ordering through the Order Internet, the Customer accepts unconditionally and undertakes to observe, in relations with the Seller, these General Sales Conditions.

4.2 Upon conclusion of the contract, the Seller will send to the Customer, by electronic mail, a Confirmation of the Order containing a summary of the information already contained in the Order described in paragraphs 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5.

4.3 The Seller may, prior to sending Order Confirmation, request the Customer by e-mail or telephone from the Seller for further information regarding the Order to be sent via the Internet.

4.4 The Seller may not undertake Customer's Purchase Orders that do not provide sufficient solvency guarantees or that are incomplete or incorrect or in case of unavailability of the products. In such cases, the Seller will inform the Customer by e-mail that the contract has not been concluded and that the Seller has not followed the Client's Order specifying its reasons. In this case, the customer will be fully refunded of any amount already paid.

4.5 If the products presented on the site are no longer available or sold after the dispatch of the Order, the Seller shall notify the Customer promptly and in any case within thirty 30 business days from the following day The one in which he will have sent his order to the Seller, the possible unavailability of the Ordered Products. In such a case, the amount previously charged on the payment method of the Customer will be refunded.

4.6 Each sale made by the Seller through the online sales service may cover one or more products, without any quantity limit for each item.

4.7 The Seller reserves the right to refuse orders from a Customer with a legal dispute concerning a previous order. This applies equally to all cases where the Seller deems the Customer unsuitable, including, but not limited to, the case of previous breaches of contract terms for online purchase on the site or for any other legitimate reason, especially if the Customer has been involved in fraudulent activity of any kind.

5. Sales Prices

5.1 Unless otherwise indicated, all prices of Products and shipping and delivery costs indicated on the Site and Order are to be deemed to be VAT excluded and expressed in Euros. The validity of the prices indicated is always and only the one indicated at the time of the order transmission through the Internet. Product prices and shipping and delivery costs may vary without prior notice. The Customer must therefore be sure of the final sale price before submitting the relevant Order.

5.2 All Products are shipped directly from Italy. The prices of the Products and the shipping and delivery costs indicated on the Site and in the Order, unless otherwise specified, shall be deemed not to include any costs associated with customs duties and taxes where the shipment takes place in non-EU countries or In countries where the current legislation provides for import charges.

5.3 These costs are then borne by the Customer and must be paid directly at the time of delivery of the Products, according to the directions specified in the Order Confirmation.

6. Payment Methods

For the payment of the price of the Products and the related shipping and delivery costs you will be able to follow one of the methods indicated in the order form of the site that are summarized below.

6.1 Payment by credit card and prepaid cards.

6.1.1 For online orders on the site, the Seller accepts both credit card payments and prepaid cards (provided that they are authorized by the bank or Paypal). It is understood that the Customer must hold a valid credit card on the order of the Products purchased online and that the name on the credit card must be the same as indicated on the billing data. In the absence of such conditions, you will not be able to proceed with the order.

6.1.2 At the time of online purchase, at the same time as the Confirmation of the Order, the order amount will be charged to the Customer's credit card. The amount will therefore be charged to the Customer's credit card when sending the Order to the Seller.

6.1.3 If, upon receipt of the Ordered Products Package, for any reason the Customer intends to use the Right of Waiver, as a result of the payment of the Products purchased online, the Seller will commission to credit the amount to be reimbursed directly Credit card previously used for payment.

6.2 Paypal.

6.2.1 If the customer has a Paypal account, the Seller can make payments by using the email directly and the password with which he has registered at www.paypal.com.

6.2.2 Payment by Paypal can only be made only by the owner/holder of the paypal account used. In case of payment through the Paypal method, the user will be redirected to the Paypal login page, once payment is confirmed on the paypal site the user will be redirected to the portal to confirm the submission of the registration form or in the administration to confirm the service activation request. Verifying the correctness of the payment data provided by the user is the sole responsibility of paypal.

6.3 At no time during the purchase procedure, the Seller is able to know credit card information (eg credit card number or expiry date), transmitted through a secure, encrypted connection directly to the site Of the subject managing electronic payment (bank or Paypal). No Seller's store archives will retain this information.

6.4 In all cases in which the communication of credit card data is necessary for the use of paid services, Jetprime is expressly exempt from any liability independent of its sphere of control, in relation to the appropriation of said data from third parties, their use and any harmful consequences that may arise for the customer.

6.5 Banklist charges. In this case, the user must select the appropriate transfer selection button, send the order form through the online procedure, perform the transfer and send the confirmation to the company's email address.

6.6 Cash on delivery (Cash) - Only for Italy.

6.6.1 Additional cost of €5 for orders over € 500, up to € 900

6.6.2 Cash on delivery is only valid for orders placed and to be sent to Italy, Rep. of San Marino and Vatican City.

7. Shipping and delivery of products

7.1 Each shipment contains:
  • the Products / or ordered;
  • the relevant transport document / accompanying invoice;
  • any accompanying documentation required by the country of dispatch;
  • any information and marketing material;

7.2 Delivery of Products purchased through Seller's Site may take place in different ways.

7.3 Delivery to Customer's Home.

7.3.1 The products purchased will be delivered by the courier identified by the Seller to the shipping address indicated by the Client on the Order. For additional information on costs, times and shipping arrangements and countries served, the Seller will refer to the Shipping section.

7.3.2 Upon receipt of the goods at home, the customer is required to check the integrity of the packages upon delivery by the courier and that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport documents. In case of anomalies, the Customer must have the courier detect and note exactly the same and reject the delivery, adding the wording "I accept with reserve" on the delivery document received by the courier. The customer must subsequently report to Jetprime the problems concerning the shipment. Otherwise, the possibility of asserting one's rights in this regard will lapse.

7.3.3 In the event of stocks due to unavailability of the customer or communication of an incorrect address, which lead to the return of the package to Jetprime, the customer is required to pay for a new shipment.

7.4 Delivery at the point of sale and withdrawal by Customer.

7.4.1 Only if this option is specifically provided, the Products purchased may be delivered by the Seller to the Customer at an agreed sales point that the Customer may select at the time of the Order. The Seller refers to the Shipping section for additional information on costs, times and delivery arrangements and countries served.

7.4.2 When delivering products purchased at delivery, Customer will receive a warning message via SMS and / or email and from that time will have up to 10 business days to withdraw Order Products in the manner described In Order Confirmation.

7.4.3 Failure to do so at the end of this period will result in the Seller canceling the order and reimbursing the entire amount previously paid, net of the transport costs incurred. Refund will be made on your credit card or Paypal account, depending on your online payment method.

7.4.4 Information on Christmas deliveries - Delivery time before Christmas is not guaranteed. If orders are executed by credit card, debit card or PayPal, delivery will take place as soon as possible after acceptance of the order (usually within ten business days). Jetprime S.r.l. will do its best to deliver the products by December 23rd. Delivery times vary depending on product availability and delivery delays are sometimes outside our control. Jetprime S.r.l. will not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by delays in delivery of the products.

8. Right of withdrawal

8.1 Only if the Customer who signs the Contract is a Consumer (meaning any natural person acting on the Site for purposes other than his / her business or professional activity), will have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller without No penalties, and without specifying the reason, within fourteen (14) working days from the day of receipt of the products purchased on the site.

8.2 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must send within 14 days of the receipt of the Products an e-mail to the address shop@jetprime.it specifying the nr. order and the code(s) for which it intends to use the right of withdrawal.

8.3 After receipt of the e-mail referred to in the previous article, Customer will receive all instructions for returning the Product (s).

8.4 The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:
  • Products returned must be returned in their entirety and not on parts or components thereof, even in the case of kits;
  • Products returned should not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;
  • Returned Products must not have been used or damaged;
  • Returned Products must be returned in their original non-damaged package;
  • Returned Products must be sent to the Seller in one shipment. The Seller reserves the right not to accept Products of the same Order rendered and dispatched at different times;

8.5 If the Customer's right of withdrawal is exercised in accordance with the previous conditions (paragraph 8.4), the Seller is required to repay the sums paid by the Customer within and not more than 14 days from receipt by the Seller of the returned products. Normally, the re-accrued by the Seller of the amount initially collected takes place very quickly, but the times on which the re-credit will actually be visible to the customer will depend on his bank, credit card institution or Paypal.

8.6 In the event of the Customer's sole expenses, the initial shipment of the order of the purchased products shall remain.

8.7 The Seller also undertakes to support the initial shipping costs of the Products solely in the event of damage to the goods due to the delivery or errors in the shipment by the Seller. Only in such cases Seller will also refund the amount that the Customer has paid for shipping expenses. The Seller will send an express courier for the withdrawal of the Product at the address indicated by the Customer.

8.8 For refund, Customer will only be served by the Courier indicated by the Seller in the Return Instructions: in this way, the Customer will not have to pay in person the payment of the costs for the refund of the products purchased for that payment, His account, directly from the Seller. Subsequently the Seller, with the exception of paragraph 8.7 above, and for any defective product restitution, will retain the repayment to the Customer due to a prepayment amount equal to the previously incurred cost for shipment and delivery to the Customer's domicile Purchased products or the shipping costs normally required for the delivery country. In addition, from the time of delivery of the goods purchased to the forwarder indicated by the Seller in the Online Delivery form, the Seller exempts the Customer from any liability in case of loss or damage to the goods during transport.

8.9 In case the product delivery option at one of the agreed sales outlets has been made available at the time of filling out the online reseller form, the Customer may return the Products directly from the seller's agreed point of sale. In this case, the Customer will be refunded, in addition to the purchase price, also the shipping costs previously incurred for the delivery of the Products purchased. From the time of delivery of the products to the point of sale, the Seller exempts the Customer from any liability in the event of any loss or damage to the goods during transport.

8.10 In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the Seller shall provide the corresponding refund within 14 days of the date of receipt by the same of the Products rendered in the manner indicated above by crediting the amount to be refunded with the same payment methods Chosen by the Customer at the time of the Order.

8.11 In the case of the exercise of the right of withdrawal without respecting the above methods (eg over 14 days provided by law or without following instructions for return), the Seller will return to the Customer the Products purchased Charging also the additional shipping charges.

8.12 The Right of Cancellation can not be applied in the case of custom products at the Client's explicit request at the time of the Order's entry and the customer with the express acceptance of these conditions declare to renounce any exception in this regard.

8.13 The consumer is solely responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods resulting from a manipulation of the goods other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

9. Non-conformance product warranty

9.1 The Seller is liable for any defect of the products offered on the site, including the non-compliance of the items with the ordered products, in accordance with Italian law.

9.2 If the Customer has entered into a contract as a Consumer (meaning any natural person acting on the Site for purposes other than business or professional activity), this warranty is valid on condition that both conditions are met Below:
  • a) the defect occurs within 24 months of the date of delivery of the products;
  • b) the Customer has a formal complaint about the defects within a maximum of 2 months from the date on which the defect was received by the latter;
  • c) the return procedure is properly followed;

9.3 In particular, in the event of non-compliance, the Customer who has entered into the contract as a Consumer shall have the right, at the Seller's discretion, to obtain the restoration of the compliance of the products without charge, by repair or replacement or by obtaining a ' Appropriate price reduction or termination of the contract in respect of the disputed goods and the consequent repayment of the price.

9.4 All refund costs for defective products will be borne by the Seller.

9.5 The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the customer or third parties due to incorrect use of the product, or resulting from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure and does not provide any guarantee for them, except as required by law.

9.6 The customer declares and agrees to indemnify and hold Jetprime, its partners and employees harmless, from any claim for damage or dispute that may be advanced against them by third parties due to the use of Jetprime products by the customer for purposes other than those. permitted and in violation of any law.

10. Contacts

For any information request you can contact us at the following email address or at the following address: shop@jetprime.it

11. Communications to the Customer

The Customer acknowledges and accepts and agrees that all communications, notifications, statements, information, reports and any documentation regarding the transactions executed relating to the purchase of the Products will be sent to the e-mail address indicated at Time of registration, with the possibility of downloading information on a durable medium in the manner and within the limits provided by the Site.

12. Privacy

Information on data processing is available in the Privacy Policy section.

13. Applicable Law, Settlement of Disputes and Jurisdiction

13.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and will be interpreted accordingly, without prejudice to any other prevailing imperative of the country of habitual residence of the Customer. Consequently, the interpretation, execution and termination of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject only to Italian law and any related and / or consequential disputes arising therefrom shall be resolved exclusively by the Italian court. In particular, if the Customer qualifies as a Consumer, any disputes must be resolved by the court of domicile or residence of the same in accordance with applicable law or, at the consumer's choice in the case of action taken by the consumer himself, by the Court of First Instance Of Modena. If the Customer acts instead in the exercise of his business, commercial, craft or professional, the parties consensually establish the exclusive competence of the Forum of Modena.

14. ODR - Online dispute resolution

The consumer residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by the European consumer to resolve in a non-judicial manner any dispute concerning and / or deriving from contracts for the sale of goods and services stipulated on the network. As a consequence, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform for the resolution of any dispute arising from the online contract stipulated with the Owner. The platform is available at the following link.

15. Edit and update

15.1 Seller may make changes or amendments to these General Sales Conditions at any time. Therefore, Customer will only be required to accept the General Sales Terms in force at the time of purchase. The new General Sales Conditions will be effective from the date of publication of the Site and in relation to purchase orders submitted after that date.

15.2 The customer acknowledges that neither this contract nor any of its rights and/or obligations established by these conditions may be transferred to third parties without the prior written consent of Jetprime.

16. Jetprime Products

Jetprime products are available in numerous countries around the world.
The products of Jetprime S.r.l. are dedicated exclusively for sports use, with circulation on a closed circuit.
Jetprime assumes no responsibility for the misuse of its products.

Jetprime adheres to the Italian Electronic Commerce Association's code of ethics available at the following link: https://www.aicel.org/codice-etico-dei-merchant-aicel

Last modification: October 7, 2020
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